One year after stroke, Winnsboro high school basketball fan recovers to make game-winning pass

Betty Corder makes cross-court trek after being told she could never walk again

One year after stroke, Winnsboro high school basketball fan recovers to make game-winning pass

WINNSBORO, Texas (KLTV) - Betty Corder is a big fan of the Lady Raiders basketball team at Winnsboro High School. A year ago, she had a stroke and was told she would never walk again.

Tuesday, with the help of the Lady Raiders, she walked to the free throw line of their gymnasium to make a memorable pass for a winning basket.

“They made me a challenge to come back again this year and I told them I would come back and I would walk in on my walker, I would not be in a wheelchair,” said Betty Corder. “And I did that today.”

Ms. Betty achieved her “miracle moment” today and walked across the basketball court with her favorite girls cheering her on.

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“I knew she was going to be able to do it because of how strong of a person she is,” said Laiken Allen, a sophomore on the basketball team.

When the moment finally happened, we were able to catch it live on East Texas Now.

Crediting her physical therapist for making the moment possible; Ms. Betty said she’s happy she was able to do it.

“Don’t give up, never give up, work through it,” said Corder. “You can work through it if you have confidence enough in yourself to work through it.”

And the girls said they were glad to have their number one fan back.

“She means so much. Knowing we have someone who supports us and loves us so much keeps us really going and able to win games," said Rachel Pinnell, a sophomore on the team. "Its all because of people like her.”

Ms. Betty said she’s looking forward to attending the Lady Raider games and is currently working on her next goal — walking upright — which she said she plans to accomplish someday soon.

“To know she could walk after all shes been through,” said Pinnell. “She’s such a miracle.”

ETN: Live stream of Ms. Betty walking at Winnsboro High School

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