TMZ: Cowboy’s Elliot handcuffed over the weekend

TMZ: Cowboy’s Elliot handcuffed over the weekend
Zeke Elliot

Las Vegas, Nevada (KTRE) - In the age of social media, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

That is what Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot found out. A video released by TMZ sports shows the Dallas player being detained by police after Elliot allegedly got into a confrontation with a security guard.

TMZ states that Elliot was at the Electric Daisy Carnival around 3 AM on Saturday morning arguing with his girlfriend.

The TMZ article goes on to state:

“A short time later, Zeke and the woman are seen speaking with event staffers -- when suddenly Elliott confronts one them and says, “You got something to say!? Zeke gets in the staffer’s face and uses his body to shove the guy backward until the staffer hits a metal gate -- that’s when Zeke uses his forearm to shove the guy to the ground.”

The original posts said that Elliot’s attorney told them that the running back was released from custody never arrested or charged.

Earlier this afternoon the same story had an update from Las Vegas Metro Police stating that “The security guard who was the victim of the misdemeanor battery, refused to press charges and officers escorted Elliott a short distance away and he was released.”

While Elliot was not arrested it does not look good for the Cowboy who has been suspended before for domestic violence allegations.

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