Caddo Lake level dropping, residents still displaced

Caddo Lake level dropping, residents still displaced

CADDO LAKE, TX (KLTV) - Although the water level has been dropping at Caddo Lake it’s still high. Saturday morning the lake was about six and a half feet above full pool. Residents are faced with problems when the water rises.

Although water is not in homes at Caddo Lake, Rick Michaels, who has a house on Caddo says it is affecting:

“Elevated houses that have enclosed their bottom floor,” Michaels said.

As time passes residents will decide to enclose the lower level and use it because there may be:

“Too many pretty days, too many no flood years, then all of a sudden it’s like oh, that would be a good thing to do and here we are,” Michaels explained.

And for many, the only way in is by boat.

“Right now it is for sure, or a super ultra high water vehicle, whatever that might be,” Michaels confirmed.

A few stick it out and stay, but most leave since power is cut off for safety reasons. And people sometimes leave things behind.

“There’s a trailer that I think that the gentleman or lady decided to do in preparation for the flood and the trailer wasn’t quite high enough it doesn’t look like,” Michaels said.

Sometimes cars are submerged as well, and saturated ground plus wind can equal fallen trees. Back in Uncertain, the Shady Glade is occasionally flooded according to manager James Arnold. He knew the water was coming.

“Just take everything out of the restaurant; try to move stuff around. That’s all you can do,” Arnold said.

He doesn’t like it but he’s gotten used to remodeling the restaurant.

“By the time we go in and rebuild; new cabinets, flooring, you know. It’ll be a month or so before we get going again,” Arnold revealed.

The adjacent cabins will have similar issues, and those down the road. Michaels says fuel, oil, and sewage will merge with the lake but:

“There’s an old saying in the environmental business: dilution is the solution to pollution. So it takes an awful lot of anything to actually create real contamination,” Michaels said.

And residents also deal with food spoiling in the freezer or making sure there’s gas in the generator.

Michaels says he doesn’t expect any environmental impact from contaminants. Caddo Lake typically takes a couple of weeks to drain down to normal levels.

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