Marshall police identify officer injured during pursuit

Marshall police identify officer injured during pursuit
Marshall Police Officer Zach Lastra received severe lacerations during a pursuit of a suspect on Monday night

MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - A Marshall police officer is recovering at home after he was injured during a pursuit on Monday night.

According to the Marshall Police Department, Officer Zach Lastra was injured while pursuing 34-year-old Antonio Dejaun Trammel following an welfare concern call . Lastra and another officer were responding to a report of a man, armed with a rifle, threatening a woman and her children.

During the call, it was discovered Trammel had an outstanding arrest warrant for a parole violation, according to Marshall police. When the officers attempted to take him into custody, Trammel fled.

During the pursuit, Trammel allegedly struck an exterior glass window while Lastra attempted to arrest him. The window shattered, causing severe lacerations to Lastra’s left forearm. Marshall police reported Trammel continued to flee and the other officer, unaware of the severity of Lastra’s injury, followed in pursuit.

According to Marshall police, Lastra’s arm was severely bleeding. He kept his composure and called for an ambulance before applying a tourniquet to his home. He gave his location to dispatch and informed them of the ongoing pursuit.

Marshall Detective James Wayman, who was on his way home, heard the radio traffic from Lastra and responded to his location to assist. When he arrived he saw the first tourniquet hadn’t completely stopped the bleeding. Wayman applied a second tourniquet to Lastra’s arm and stayed with him until EMS arrived.

Lastra was transported to a hospital in Marshall where he was stabilized. He was then taken to a hospital in Longview where he underwent emergency surgery.

Marshall police reported Lastra is now back at home and is expected to make a full recovery.

In a press release the Marshall Police Department said it “is extremely grateful for the community support for Officer Lastra and his family.”

Trammel was apprehended on Tuesday in the 600 block of West Rusk, according to Marshall police. He was booked into the Harrison County Jail and is charged with evading arrest or detention causing serious bodily injury and evading arrest or detention with previous convictions along with the parole warrant.

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