Major road construction following severe storms

Major road construction following severe storms

SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - After several storms in Smith County the past few weeks, road crews are doing their best to catch up and repair the damage.

Those roads in Smith County that are still closed due to storm damage are County Road 2186, 26, 247, and 1133.

County Road 1133 resembles a war zone; between road crews and damage caused by a very significant amount of rainfall.

“We actually had debris fall down into the creek and stop up the previous pipe, and water washed over the roadway and it washed out the culvert there,” Smith County Engineer Frank Davis says.

It was enough water to wash out several inches of asphalt.

“We had some sinkholes occur, we had some erosion beside the road due to the ditches and in some cases we had washouts that we did not know about that people were driving around and they just assumed someone called in,” Davis says.

There lies the issue; county engineer Frank Davis says they received more than 200 calls after the most recent storm, but there were other damaged roads that the county learned about late.

“We try to address those when they come in, we’re out early in the morning, late at night working in the dark trying to get those roads clear,” Davis says.

But despite those ‘roadblocks’ and weather delays, the county has finished 4 miles of road scheduled in the road bond project in the month of April.

The Smith County road and bridge department ask residents to contact the department if they notice damaged roads or water in the roadway.

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