Crews widen storm affected East Texas creek

Crews widen storm affected East Texas creek

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Recent storms and flooding incidents have left a residual effect on some East Texas communities.

Streams and creeks became swamped during the last storm, and water from the Sabine River created flood levels in several areas. And with floods comes the trash that is deposited into the water.

Contracted crews from Huntsville have been at work cleaning and widening the Turkey Creek area of Kilgore.

“Last two weeks, we’ve been removing a little debris and trying to open up the flow for the creek laying down a system for the water to keep flowing,” says Antoine Evans of Solid Bridge construction.

Smaller tributaries like Turkey and Rabbit Creek, simply can’t hold the volume of water deposited during major storms.

Flooded just 2 years ago, the sediment left behind each flood builds up.

“In some cases, it widens the creek channel. In the 2016 floods what we saw was a lot of the soil and turf around the golf course eroded and ended up depositing in the channel,” says Kilgore city manager Josh Selleck.

The City of Longview also has periodic cleaning of its city creeks.

But this crew at Turkey Creek was hampered in their efforts by the most recent storm, which practically canceled out the work they had completed.

"You try to do your best, but 6 to 8 inches of rainfall, you can't," Evans says.

"During major flood stage it will still back up," Selleck says.

So while the cleaning won't stop a major flood, in a lesser event it will help.

“In the case of a normal flow event, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain,” says Selleck.

Work crews expect to be finished with the Turkey Creek project within two weeks.

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