Storm cleanup continues at Longview city parks, walking trails

Akin Park and Julieanna Trail remain closed due to downed trees

City of Longview: Several parks are still closed due to downed trees

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The damage from last week’s storm in Longview knocked down hundreds of trees affecting businesses and residents alike. But it also affected Longview parks.

Cleanup still continues after the May 8 storm, and will take days or even weeks to complete. And if the city parks were in the path, they were hit too, according to City of Longview spokesman Shawn Hara.

“This is a small park. Akin Park is a relatively small park but it took a pretty big punch here. So they’ve got a tree down on the pavilion, blocking the playground so we’ve got it closed off; the tennis court, a tree fell and crushed the side of the fence there,” Hara said.

The playground equipment took a direct hit, but the storm hit more than one park.

“Throughout the parks system we had several different parks that closed. The biggest impact was here at Akin Park, but also on our trails so Paul Boorman Trail, Cargill Trail, Akin Trail here as well as Juliieanna Trail. All of those had trees down,” Hara stated.

City crews are stretched pretty thin, but they are making progress.

“Paul Boorman Trail is now open again, Cargill Trail is open again, but Julianna Trail is still closed, and we still have some trees down here at Akin Trail,” Hara said.

Saturday’s rain didn’t help.

“We’ve got at least some muddy conditions out here, and to be able to get out and do some of the cleanup, it kind of delayed things,” Hara explained.

The incomplete Guthrie Trail which connects Paul Boorman Trail to Cargill Trail was also affected, but that trail is incomplete and hasn’t opened to the public.

“So there’s still going to be a lot of cleanup over the next several weeks moving forward to try to get all the trees and debris really cleaned up beyond just on the main sidewalk trail path,” Hara added.

Hara advises to watch for the yellow tape and steer clear of those areas.

Hara says though some trails have opened, there will still be cleanup going on. He urges park users to play it safe if they find themselves near heavy equipment.

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