Water rescue team tries to evacuate River Road flood area

Water rescue team tries to evacuate River Road flood area

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The seemingly endless rain has swollen an East Texas river to flood stage, creating a danger to many that live by its banks.

The East Texas swift water rescue team made an effort to get river bank dwellers along the Sabine in Gregg County to safety. But, some have decided to ride it out.

“This area here on River Road is cut off in 2 locations. There’s no way in, there’s no way out. We had some calls from concerned family members regarding people that live here on the river,” said Gregg County Sheriff’s Office patrol captain Craig Harrington.

The swift water rescue team made its way by boat to try to evacuate those trapped by the high water.

"We're not doing any forced evacuations we're just trying to spread the word right now because we don't want to get anybody hurt or trapped where they can not get out. Which is the situation we're running into now," Harrington says.

A dozen sections of River Road have water running high over the roadway. Near the Sandbar Marina, dozens of motor homes are trapped by high water.

Some evacuated ahead of the flooding.

Others stayed.

“We got several people that don’t want to leave, we’re encouraging people that live on the river to get out. The water is still going to rise, it’s going to rise for some time,” said Harrington.

The danger increases as the water continues to rise.

"Very dangerous. We're discouraging anybody from bypassing barricades. It will sweep a vehicle away with little or no warning," Harrington says.

At this point, the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office is asking for voluntary evacuation by residents near the Sabine banks along River road, for their own safety.

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