Longview storm recovery still a struggle on day 3

Longview storm recovery in day 3

LONGIVEW, TX (KLTV) - The effort to get back to normal after a destructive East Texas storm has people and resources working around the clock.

Longview residents are still working to clear streets and assess damage to their homes. Works crews have gone from block to block over two days, clearing roadways, cutting away trees and working to repair power lines.

"It was very devastating. It took forever just to get to the driveway. Once we got in and started looking at everything it was pretty traumatic," says resident Renee McKinnley.

Jason Mitchell came home Wednesday to see his home he had lived in for only a year, was battered by a massive fallen tree.

“You think you’re going to come home and everything is going to be fine. We tried to get our mattress and box spring so we could have a bed to sleep on and the plan is just to get as much stuff out of here we can use,” Jason said.

Practically every room in Mitchell’s home was damaged; beams were cracked and walls buckled. The aftermath of the storm has put a strain on the city’s resources, particularly law enforcement.

Police and the sheriff’s office are using all available manpower to work intersections still without working traffic lights. And many residents were trying to find a hotel room, but that is nearly impossible.

"I had a friend who called 10 hotels and couldn't get anything," said one homeowner.

In addition, some Longview officers are working 12 hour shifts to help with traffic control.

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