East Texas man cutting trees for others after storm

East Texas man cutting/removing trees for others after storm

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Brent Kane Cochran had no idea what he was getting himself into when he made a Facebook post on Wednesday night.

“Last time I looked it was 762 shares," said Cochran.

Brent Cochran's Facebook post.
Brent Cochran's Facebook post. (Source: Brent Kane Cochran's Facebook Page)

Cochran offered to help his fellow East Texans clean up after the storm... for free.

“I’m one of the worlds worst skeptics but I would say he is real and he’s trying to help and he’s genuine," said Brian Underwood, a homeowner in Gilmer who Cochran helped on Saturday. "For once he’s restored some faith from what you read online. He is a real person and he is trying to help people.”

Cochran said he’s doing this because he is able to.

“I’m just blessed to have a saw and I borrowed a couple, borrowed vehicles, borrowed gas, whatever it took to get these trees down," said Cochran. “We have more storms coming and people don’t have $500 a tree to clean up and I can help.”

While Cochran is doing the work for free, those who he is helping are trying to return the favor however they can.

“I thought, I need to do something to help pay it forward because he is doing a phenomenal job of being a neighbor," said Underwood. “He’s very genuine and a very good-hearted, East Texas neighbor.”

Underwood said he hopes others who Cochran helps can help him in return, as well.

“If you can, help him too,” said Underwood. “It’s going to be tough because he doesn’t want to take anything, but if he continues to be supplied with gas, chainsaws, whatever he needs; he can help a lot of people here in East Texas.”

If you’ve left Cochran a message — he says he hasn’t forgotten about you.

“We try to get the ones with the trees in the yard or the trees on the house,” said Cochran. “Or ones that need to be put down or could fall and hurt someone.”

Cochran said he plans on helping as many people as he can, for as long as he can.

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