Amtryke giveaway held at Spring Hill Junior High Friday

The Amtrykes giveaway is for children who have special needs, to give them their own fun experience.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Spring Hill Junior High students cheered on as some students with special needs were given a special gift on Friday.

AMBUCS of Longview gave away 18 “Amtrykes” to kids with special needs on Friday at the school while junior high students cheered them on. Amtrykes are therapeutic trikes built to fit the specific needs of each rider.

“It’s going to really help build those muscles up,” one mom said. “Because she is slow to walk and a little bit of developmental delays. The Amtryke will allow her muscles to work. She’s really climbed a lot of mountains and had done great. We are very blessed to have her and she’s very happy.”

The students at Spring Hill also helped raise money for AMBUCS and the construction of a barrier-free children’s park in Spring Hill.

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