Kevon Harris ready to be next big name in the NBA

Kevon Harris ready to be next big name in the NBA
(Source: SFA Athletics)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Growing up outside of Atlanta, SFA Junior guard Kevon Harris always wanted to play in the NBA.

“It has been a dream for a long time,” Harris said. “I would love to one day play back home in Atlanta.”

At Martin Luther King High School in Ellenwood, Georgia, Harris was a star. Averaging, 15.8 points per game and rounded out his double-double average by grabbing 11.8 rebounds per tilt, Harris led the Lions to a mark of 24-6 and a ranking as the 31st-best high school team in the state and a trip to the semifinals in 5A.

After High School he went to a prep school in Daytona Beach and then found his was to the Pineywoods and SFA.

“I started taking it serious in high school,” Harris said. “I think I could be further today if I would have started earlier at taking it serious.”

Harris has been a team leader on and off the court at SFA. This past season he became the 31st player in school history to reach 1,000 points. At 6′6, 219 pounds, Harris has the body of a NBA player. While many might write him off as a big player in a small Southland League, Harris has been able to hold his own against bigger teams with NBA talent such as Miami, Baylor, LSU, Alabama, Missouri and Texas Tech.

“I am a big fan of James Harden and really Lance Stevenson,” Harris said. “I just like his mentality, his grit, his presence on the court. I can relate to that.”

Harris has been eager to make the jump to the next level but for the majority of the players that want to, the jump has to come at the right time and under the right circumstances. A new rule that has gone into effect this season could be what Harris needed to make the transition to an NBA career possible.

The new rule allows college players to hire an agent that has been certified by bothe the NCAA and the NBPA. The player must request an “evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee.” They must end the relationship if they return to school.

According to a previous Sports Illustrated article, Agents will be permitted to pay for meals and transportation for players and their families during the agent selection process and for meetings with pro teams, if changes are made to existing agent acts and state laws.

“With these workouts and stuffs you get to figure out where you are with teams and other players,” Harris said. “If I do not end up where I want to be then I will be coming back so I am excited about the future. At the end of the day I have to make a decision on if I come back or leave.”

Harris is in the gym continuing to work on his game knowing he will need every bit of skill if he wants to compete for an NBA roster spot.

“I always want to stay humble,” Harris said. “I always feel like I bring a big presence to the court so I will have to let them see me play.”

Harris and other players in his position have until May 29 to make a decision. The NBA Draft will be on June 20.

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