East Texan lands No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. car at auction

East Texan lands No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. car at auction

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - NASCAR is a pretty big deal in East Texas, and there are a lot of collectors. An East Texas man could probably be just fine with only one item of memorabilia now that he has it: one of Dale Earnhardt Senior’s stock cars.

It’s the real deal: A black 1991 Lumina with genuine GM parts; says so right on the hood. Frank Cervera of Tyler owns a genuine NAS-car raced by Dale Earnhardt Sr.

“I watched him my whole life. I watched this black number three Goodwrench car for many years. And to own one now, the same car that he sat in, I’m sitting in now and I mean it’s just a dream come true for me,” Cervera said.

He owns three car lots, including one in White Oak, and keeps an eye on car auctions. One day in early April:

“Poof! This came up. I went, no way, but of course me owning Raceway Cars and Trucks, this would be a perfect billboard to set out in the front of my place,” Cervera stated.

And so he went to the Mecum Auction in Houston, bid, and poof! He had the best Earnhardt collector piece you can get. The auction is even posted online with Frank’s winning bid. He was convinced it was real.

“On the Mecum sale it said that it was a super speedway Richard Childress built NASCAR. And when they say that,” Cervera started.

“It’s gotta be,” I offered.

“It’s gotta be,” he agreed.

He doesn’t have a history of where the car was raced but:

“If I’m guessing right I’m sure it was a super speedway car just like they said, and so it would run Talladega, and Daytona,” Cervera theorized.

And Frank, well back in eighties he thought he’d do more than watch stock cars.

“We drove at Cici Speedway, and I drove a ’76 Chevrolet Lumina; number 3 car. The very first car I ever built, the very first race I ever raced, and won,” he revealed.

He hasn’t done that in a while. Years ago Frank took a picture of Earnhardt racing at Texas Motor Speedway.

“Was it this car? I don’t know,” Cervera wondered.

He knows he may never know. He does wish he could drive it somewhere though. It’s not exactly street legal.

Cervera says people stop and take pictures with the car several times a day, and has recently been asked to put it in the White Oak Christmas Parade.

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