Better East Texas: After the storm

BET: After the storm

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - No matter how much you prepare, and no matter how informed you are, it has once again been proven that the weather in East Texas is unpredictable. Recently tornadoes ripped through our area of the state, causing severe destruction, resulting in injuries and even death. This kind of event reminds us that we must be aware of our weather conditions and that we must respect the power of weather.

Our friends and families in Alto and the areas surrounding Cherokee and Houston counties need our help. We have set up ways that you can help, and I hope you will consider stepping up. These storms and future storms pick their path without regards to the impact on human life and property, so the next round of storms could hit anywhere, creating new devastation and also new need. Organizations such as the Red Cross and the East Texas Food Bank are there with the first responders, but their readiness with supplies and other resources doesn’t just happen organically. It takes money and other donations to be prepared to act at a moments’ notice.

So, please consider giving to help our neighbors repair and rebuild their lives. Go to our websites and where you can find additional information. Violent storms take hundreds of lives across America each year but when they hit close to home, we are all called to action. Whether you can give money or supplies or just your time, please do. Giving makes a difference today, and tomorrow and makes for a better East Texas

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