Pittsburg seeks designation as hot link capital of Texas

Pittsburg seeks designation as hot link capital of Texas

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - If you’ve been in East Texas for a while you have probably heard of Pittsburg Hot Links. You almost can’t say hot links without putting Pittsburg in front.

And because of that a bill has been introduced to designate Pittsburg the Hot Link Capital of Texas. But, KLTV 7s Jamey Boyum asks, will the bill pass before the first ever Hot Link Festival takes place?

Pittsburg Hot Links made their debut in 1897 and are still sizzling today. Present hot link owner Sabin Warrick says part of it is because people have unique ways with fixings.

“Ketchup, onions, chili, cheese, we make a jahatsee that has a combination of all that,” Warrick said.

He says even at home they do it their own way.

“The Hot Link Festival is going to kind of highlight that,” Warrick stated.

That’s on April 27. It’s the brainchild of Warrick and a few other link fans. But to really make it all official, Pittsburg City Manager Clint Hardeman helped Warrick and State Representative Cole Hefner write a bill to get Pittsburg designated as the Hot Link Capital of Texas.

“We’re hoping to get the notification of the Pittsburg Hot Link designation by this weekend,” Hardeman said.

As of Wednesday morning it wasn’t quite there.

“I don’t know how many days we are from passing it, but we sit on that committee and it’ll go right through, and then it’ll have to go through the senate and do the same thing. Have to pass over there,” Hefner said on the phone.

Definite designation is in limbo for now but regulars keep eating links their own way since:

“Most of them were raised on them so I guess it’s an acquired taste,” Warrick revealed.

“It’s just kind of that next step of officially recognizing us as the true destination for hot links in Texas,” Hardeman said.

Johnny Smith, Warrick’s uncle has been eating hot links since he was:

“Ten. That’s been eighty years ago. I’ll be 91 in May,” Smith said. “And you’re still eating it,” I observed.“Yeah boy,” he said “What do you like about them?” I asked. “They’re good for you. They taste good,” Smith stated. He says he only eats them four times a week. Seems like to Smith and his fellow believers think Pittsburg already is the hot link capital of Texas.

Whether or not Pittsburg is voted to be the hot link capital of Texas by the weekend, the first hot link festival will take place Saturday only, in downtown Pittsburg.

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