Coach Reyes: ‘Greg Roberts is making his own path to NFL’

Coach Reyes: ‘Greg Roberts is making his own path to NFL’

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - After five years at Baylor, Nacogdoches native Greg Roberts is ready to take his talents to the NFL.

The All-Big 12 honorable mention defensive end played in 42 games in his career with 26 starts, ranking fifth on team in career starts with 26.

Roberts is one of several Bears that could have their name called in the 2019 NFL Draft. He is also one of five players with ties to East Texas that could go in the draft. If he made the NFL it would be no surprise. His Father, Greg Roberts Sr, played in Nacogdoches as well before going to the University of Oklahoma and then on to the NFL for five seasons.

Bobby Reyes was in Nacogdoches to see Roberts, Sr. play and he returned to the Dragons program in time to see Roberts, Jr. play his final two years.

“Greg had a great junior year,” Reyes said. “he played outstanding football. He was a tall, fas, lean kid. He didn’t have a lot of weight to him but raw talent you could tell he was special. I knew his lineage. I knew he would be a good prospect. He has made his own mark. You can never live off what your dad has done and he has done that."

Last month Rorberts participated in the Baylor Pro Day.

“I have been training since January,” Roberts said. “I feel like I missed my part a little bit but I did good. I have been training as both an edge guy and an outside linebacker depending on what scheme the team plays.”

Roberts stayed at Baylor through five of the toughest years for the program. He continued to support the team as the school and athletic office dealt with serious allegations of sexual assault. By the time he finished with the Bears in December, Roberts had played for three different coaches. Still he doesn’t seem to be ashamed of playing for the green and gold.

“He loves Baylor,” Reyes said. “He made a commitment and he wanted to stay there. When they had media day at the Big 12 he was picked to speak. that says a lot of how the school feels about him.”

“It is bitter sweet," Roberts said. "I got a lot of good memories, a lot of funny memories. I went out the right way. I put my stamp on this place. Bitter sweet. A little happy and a little sad.”

“With Greg one of the biggest things I told him was I wanted him to graduate and he has graduated,” Reyes said. “For him the draft is huge and gives him an opportunity to showcase his talents but I am just proud that he has graduated and been a leader at Baylor.”

The 2019 NFL Draft takes place from April 25-27 from Nashville.

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