Brandt still NFL Draft guru

Brandt still NFL Draft guru

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - When Gil Brandt was with the Dallas Cowboys for more than 20 years he coached Tom Landry, GM Tex Schramm and made shrewd draft decisions that carried them through Super Bowls and playoffs. Think Patriots of the mid to late 1970s.

Brandt still has his finger on the draft evaluating talented prospects. With the 2019 NFL Draft coming up, he shared his memories of when the Cowboys had their first draft back in 1960.

“At that first draft there were six members of the press no one from Dallas but there were six members of the press," said Brandt, an NFL Player Personnel Manager. “This year at the draft they’ve credentialed already over 2000 people for this year‘s draft. So it’s growing just a little bit.”

When the draft event first began, Brandt says it was held in a small room.

“We all had a telephone and (Pete) Rozelle had a little black chalkboard that he wrote the teams’ picks at the time so it was so interesting,” he said.

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