Homeowners feeling blessed that storm damage wasn’t worse for Easter weekend

Homeowners feeling blessed that storm damage wasn’t worse for Easter weekend

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Although last Saturday’s storms left most of Tyler intact, Thursday morning’s storms were a different story.

“Thursday morning about 2:30, it came in from the northwest and I think it was straight-line winds,” said Arthur Woten, a Tyler homeowner. “It was really rough. The wind was really powerful and it blew down the limbs off the trees and blew one tree down in the front of my house. Thank God it didn’t do any more damage than it did.”

The tree that fell on his home didn’t go through the roof completely, thankfully, because there was someone in the front room.

“Somebody was in this front room it fell down on, but it didn’t go through the room so were blessed,” said Woten. “We appreciate it. The Lord looked over us and it was the Lord’s doing; taking care of us.”

Woten had Jones Landscaping and Tree Service out at his property on Saturday, to take down the rest of the tree that fell and help clean up the rest of his yard.

“We’ve seen a lot of storm damage,” said Walter Jones, the owner of the tree service. “This is not the worst, but it’s pretty bad. We’ve been in Tyler for over 40 years. We clean up a lot of storm damage and we do a lot of trying to help people get their homes back together and property cleaned up. We thank God for that; we are blessed that we’re able to do it."

Other homeowners were lucky to receive no damage to their home, but their yard is a different story.

“Yesterday we pulled in and we were shocked at the giant tree,” said Chesley Burch, who spent Saturday cleaning her in-laws’ yard. “When we pulled in we saw another tree down and luckily everyone was safe and the house didn’t have any damage, but the yard needs a lot of work right now.”

Burch said she’s grateful no one was hurt, but any weekends plans her family had for Easter are now shot due to the time-consuming cleanup they have ahead of themselves.

“We’re going to make it to service tomorrow but that’s about all we’re going to have time for this weekend," said Burch.

Burch, Woten, and Jones all said they will be taking time out of the cleanup tomorrow to spend time with their families and go to service.

“We always take time out for God,” said Jones. “We’re going to be serving God tomorrow. We’ll be back on the job Monday morning.”

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