LeTourneau engineering students compete in Rube Goldberg competition

LeTourneau engineering students compete in Rube Goldberg competition

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - LeTourneau University held its annual Rube Goldberg competition on Thursday.

“The idea of a Rube Goldberg is to do the most simple thing possible in the most complex way,” said Austin Sawatsky, a junior electrical engineering student.

Have you ever seen those machines where a marble knocks down some dominoes, which in turn knock down a book... and the book falling over makes a string pull something else down?

Those are Rube Goldberg machines.

“It keeps us engaged, I guess," said Josh Hartman, a sophomore. "It’s something interesting that we can put a lot of work into but enjoy at the same time and learn about what we learn about.”

Although the projects are fun, a lot of work goes into properly designing and executing the machines.

“We want them to be creative," said Oscar Ortiz, an electrical engineering professor. "To think out of the box, because most of the problems today... they have to come up with ideas that are not the regular ones.”

Students presented their projects to judges and spectators of all ages.

“It’s all built around fun," said Sawatsky. “Especially to get younger kids involved in engineering; it’s something fun, it’s all about the design process.”

Some teams had movie themes, some honored golf players and some pulled college pranks.

The winning team was able to turn their 150 hours of work into a $200 cash prize.

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