Glass blower makes first visit to Avalon Faire in Gregg County

There are two more weekends left to travel back in time

Glass blower makes first visit to Avalon Faire in Gregg County

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - If you haven’t been able to invent a time machine, like most of us, well there is a place you can go that’s the next best thing to time travel. The Avalon Faire is in full swing weekends on FM 1252 just west of Highway 42 in Gregg County.

This year they have a first time guest who huffs and puffs and blows molten glass into beautiful shapes. We bring you Dragon’s Breath Glassworks.

It’s not the kind of thing you see anymore..or maybe ever, actually: a guy blowing in a tube clogged with, well , pretty much lava. Jeremy Thomas is a glass blower.

“We’ve been doing festivals for about fourteen years but this is our first year here,” Thomas said.

He says he sort of fell into molten glass. Well, not literally.

“I had the opportunity to try it many years ago and I fell in love with it. Found out it was too expensive to have as a hobby, so I found a way to make it my profession,” Thomas stated.

He loves it because he starts with:

“Literally nothing. Just sand and some ashes and some lime and turn it into a full work of art. It literally goes from a molten pile of nothing to anything you can imagine,” Thomas explained.

After buying the equipment his biggest expense is fuel to keep the sand in liquid form.

“Some people work on things that take four or five or six hours to make one piece. I try to keep all my pieces under a half an hour,” Thomas revealed.

That keeps the overhead down. He hails from Georgia.

“I’m only there about two months out of the year. We travel ten months out of the year around the country. I go as far north as Pennsylvania, as far south as Sarasota Florida. We typically stick to mostly the East Coast,” Thomas said.

He’s never worked in East Texas, but he likes it. At one point, Thomas was nearly in my line of work.

“So do you regret not finishing school and becoming a journalist?” I asked him.

“No, not at all. After I did my internship I was pretty sure I was never going to be a journalist after that. I love glass blowing I’d never do anything else at this point,” Thomas replied.

“That’s a whole different kind of hot air,” I offered.

“It absolutely is, yeah. Very much so,” Thomas laughed.

So rather than pouring himself into a story, he pours himself into glass.

Some of his glass creations are less than five dollars.

The Avalon Faire runs for the next two weekends. Kids are six dollars, students are ten, and adults are fifteen dollars for a one day ticket.

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