Multiple transformers blow causing widespread power outage in Kilgore

Witnesses capture eerie light show on camera

Multiple transformers blow causing widespread power outage in Kilgore

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Early morning workers in one East Texas city got a light show they didn’t expect, as power line transformers apparently blew, causing a power outage.

It happened between 6 and 7 a.m. Thursday in Kilgore near the area of Highway 42 and Longview Street. The crashing sound heard in the area was captured on video neighbors took of the power lines and transformers lighting up the morning sky.

A worker nearby at East Texas Radiators said it was an eerie thing to watch.

“I had just started welding and the lights went off. I heard the popping noise behind me," said Dennis Jacobs, who also caught the spectacle on camera.

Central Kilgore was suddenly without power, including the police department.

“Apparently, we had some transformers that blew up in succession early. Not sure what the cause was," said Kilgore Police Detective Trae Portwood. “We’re all connected to generators. They’re maintained throughout the year, (and) they’re set up to go on when the power goes off. We’re still running on generators at this time."

As power began to flicker along Longview Street, what happened next was unexpected and frightening.

“It all kind of happened at once, then it went one to one. It looked like a bunch of fireworks going off, blue fireworks," he said.

Linemen had to repair several areas affected, as power was out for hours at some businesses. As of noon Thursday 2,300 customers were still without power in Kilgore.

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