Former Gilmer defensive back looking toward NFL draft

Coach Kennedy

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - Next week the NFL draft will be held, and a few East Texans are expected to hear their names called.

One is defensive back Kris Boyd out of Gilmer. He’s a hitter and has visited two NFL teams, Denver and Baltimore. His high school coach, Randall Canady, was instrumental in helping Boyd mature as a player, but more importantly as a person.

He shares this moment when Boyd and his brother Demarco didn’t show up to school one day.

“... I went to their grandmother’s house and they were there, and when I knocked on the door their grandmother came to the door, Miss Athaley Taylor. They were inside the house, I said ‘hey Miss Athaley, the boys should be at home, I mean they should be at school, and they’re not at school.’ She said ‘they told me they were sick’. And I said ‘no ma’am, they’re not sick.’ She called them out of their room. She said ‘uh, uh coach...’ She turned around, she was on a couch right here. And the front door was in the back and uh she said, ‘coach, whatever you do, take care of my boys.’ And the next day she died, and if I ask Kris right now if he gets in trouble and I say, “Kris, what did your grandmother tell me?' He’ll drop his head and say, ‘she said take care of my boys,' and I’ve tried to live up to that.”

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