New UT-Tyler basketball coach: ‘This just feels like the right time to be here’

Coach Wilson at UT Tyler

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Family is a priority for the UT-Tyler’s new head basketball coach.

Louis Wilson, a staunch family man, said he tries to find the right balance between coaching and family with his wife’s help. He also said he puts a priority on education.

The native of South Bronx, New York City said his decision to come to East Texas to coach basketball just felt right.

“You know, I’m a spiritual person,” Wilson said. “I believe God puts you where you should be, not always where you might want to be. And this just feels like the right time to be here at this place.”

Wilson said the things he has experienced as a coach and a person prepared him to coach the University of Texas at Tyler’s men’s basketball.

The Patriots’ new head basketball coach gave his mother credit for shaping him into the man, the coach, and the leader he is today.

“I am an unabashed momma’s boy. I always will be, and I’m proud of it,” Wilson said. “My mother is the mother of 10 children A widow at 30 years old with 10 children, she raised us in South Bronx, New York City.”

Wilson described his mother as the toughest person he knows.

During his time at the podium, Wilson stressed that education is the key for anyone to have a chance at success in this world.

“I truly believe in my heart, as corny as it may sound to people, that education is the key to everything; it unlocks all the doors,” Wilson said. “And I speak passionately. It breaks my heart

when young dudes don’t do everything they can to maximize those opportunities especially when people are paying for it.”

Wilson said at some point, “the ball stops bouncing,” and athletes are going to have to go and do something else.

“The degree just gives you a chance, man, just an opportunity,” Wilson said. “It’s not even a guarantee. It just gives you a chance. I relate to that completely.”

“My wife is my top assistant coach,” Wilson said. “You know, there’s a saying that a basketball coach’s wife is the greatest recruit he has. My family, by the way, is everything.”

Wilson said it’s a matter of perspective. He added that family always comes first and that he would tell that to his players.

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