Longview city council passes measure to acquire land for new police department

Longview seeking new police headquarters building

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas police department has received city council’s approval to move forward with plans for growth.

On Thursday night, Longview City Council approved a plan for the acquisition of land to build a new police department, nearly doubling the size of the current building. The project is expected to take about three years to complete.


The City of Longview is seeking new building for its police department.

Built in 1977, LPD central on Cotton Street had 82 employees at the time. Though some new additions were built through the years, the current facility is inadequate for the now 234 employees.

“We have a lot more people with our police department now and so we need a building that is adequate, that fits the needs not only that, but also the current policing needs. November 2018 Longview voters approved a bond package that included building a new facility for our police department,” says City PIO Shawn Hara.

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And the building is a shared facility.

“The current facility that we’re standing in front of is only about 30,000 square feet, and our municipal court is a part of that,” Hara says.

"This building behind me illustrates the need for a new facility. This is LPD's CID or crime investigation division which is house in rented office space," Shawn says.

Cramped spaces had become common.

Over time even storage and closet space was converted into offices.

The proposed new building will be off of Luckett Street, two blocks south of the current location.

“We need about 7 and a half acres for this. This new facility will be over 60,000 square feet, more than double what we have now,” says Shawn.

Hara says once the land and funding is secured, the facility is expected to take three years to complete.

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