Candidates vie for Longview city council

Candidates vie for Longview city council


Less than a month away from city elections, two East Texans are vying for a Longview city council position.

Incumbent Longview councilman Steve Pirtle, a local contractor, is being challenged for the district 6 position by community organizer Cierra Evans in the May 4 election.

District 6 encompasses central Longview from Cotton street to West Loop 281.

Pirtle is running for his second term, while Evans is a newcomer to the political arena.

Both candidates feel city leadership is headed in the right direction and want to add their leadership to it.

"We're in really good shape right now. The city is humming along like it's supposed to and I want to make sure that the things the voters put me in there for, get taken care of and get done," Pirtle says.

"I think being transparent and vocal letting the community know and address their needs specifically because at the end of it all we're making sure that their needs are first," Evans said.

Early voting begins April 22nd.

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