Avalon Faire in Kilgore showcases simpler time of queens, kings, lords and ladies

Avalon Faire in Kilgore showcases simpler time of queens, kings, lords and ladies

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - If you yearn for a more simple time, well we may have a place for you to visit.

The Avalon Faire is going on this month on FM 1252 just west of Highway 42 near Kilgore.

Remember the good old days of sword fighting or taking in an occasional joust? Well, I don’t either actually, but I’ve seen it on TV. If you’ve never been to the Avalon Faire to see it in person, well there’s always a first time, as it is for Queen Guinevere.

“I am greeting the guests as they come. I am actually also a guest myself with Lord Kenna and Lady Elaine. They are taking care of me while my husband is away,” the queen said.

Her husband is or course, King Arthur. He wanted her safe so Lord Kenna, host of the faire is keeping an eye on her. The Lord is actually Randall Powell of Longview and he does this because it’s:

“Pure fun. You get to live in a different life. The accent’s the hardest thing to do. And forget the Y’alls,” Powell laughed.

Sir Connall McClan is the good lord’s knight, and thus the protector of the group. Unlike the original Arthur story McClan hails from a different place.

“I’m from Hawaii,” he revealed.

“Oh, wow,” I said.

“Originally from Hawaii, and I retired out of the Army and moved to Elkhart,” he said.

He’s really David Torres, so it’s a strange tale indeed how he came to be a protector or Guinevere, who enjoys a good show.

“It’s especially interesting to watch the other performers. The illusionists are actually my favorite,” Guinevere stated.

VIDEO: Jesse Linder performs 'Wild Mountain Time' during Avalon Faire in Kilgore

And there are several of those like Captain Thom Bedlam.

“So he stages a ball in cup number one, he sets it in cup number two, the third in cup three, count to three, and the three of the balls fall through,” Bedlam said while doing a magic trick.

There are other shows like Knight Wings falconry with the owl featured in Harry Potter, minstrels, and even good old Punch and Judy.

And Queen Guinevere is finally revealed as Laminda Miller, but she’s not from England.

“I am from the Glade of the Lake,” the queen said.

“Ahh, Gladewater!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, sir,” she smiled.

So she’s a lady of the lake, but not The Lady of the Lake who gave her husband, King Arthur, his sword.

So, yeah, it may be confusing, but it’s a much better time if you don’t dwell on the back story.

The Avalon Faire runs for the next three weekends but it may be rained out tomorrow. Kids are six dollars, students are ten, and adults are fifteen dollars for a one day ticket.

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