Wiley College President advocates for HBCUs on Capitol Hill

VIDEO: Wiley College President advocates for HBCUs on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON (GRAY DC) - Leaders representing historically black colleges and universities are advocating for continued educational funding from Congress.

Wiley College President, Herman Felton, says he’s testifying before a House committee to be a voice for the students and educators giving back to their communities, and how federal support unlocks those opportunities.

“The impact – the significance – of what we do is quantifiable yet there’s still a greater need for more support," said Felton about the work of HBCUs and their contributions to building a diverse workforce.

Felton is on Capitol Hill testifying Tuesday before a House Appropriations subcommittee about ongoing need for public support for Pell grants and other scholarships that can help students in need find their calling.

Felton says HBCUs help churn out many successful African American leaders in multiple arenas: from educators and historians, to doctors and scientists, and many other talented professionals.

“At the end of the day, I’m certain that HBCUs will continue to make the case for why we do what we do and that case will be seen in a way that is tangible through funding,” said Felton.

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