Chicken-pasta salad by Mama Steph

Chicken-pasta salad by Mama Steph

(KLTV/KTRE) - This recipe is so refreshing, so cool, and so easy to make that you will want to have it all summer long, I feel confident. You can easily swap in your own favorite veggies if there is something here that isn't your favorite. Salads are one of the great customizeable meals!

Chicken-pasta salad by Mama Steph


Meat from a rotisserie chicken, skin and bones removed 2 small pouches Barilla pre-cooked pasta (about 8 ounces each) or cook your own: 8 ounces of dry short pasta like penne, shells, or rotini, cooked according to package directions, rinsed in cool water and set aside 1 1/2 cups dressing - I used half and half Green Goddess and Tzatziki dressing, but you could use all one or the other, or even a Ranch dressing 2 stalks celery, chopped small 1 large, thin hothouse cucumber, or two small cucumbers from your garden, peeled (if you prefer) and chopped Small container of yellow grape tomatoes, halved

Salad greens to serve the mixture on.


In a small bowl, combine the Green Goddess with the Tzatziki dressing, whisking together to combine.

In a large bowl, combine all the other ingredients, tossing to combine, and then drizzle with the dressing. Gently turn the salad with a spatula to ensure the dressing coats everything evenly. On a dinner plate, make a nice bed of crisp salad greens, and then put a generous scoop of the salad in the center of the greens. Serve with some fresh fruit on the side, such as watermelon cubes or cantaloupe chunks. Enjoy!