Sabine ISD implementing seizure response training

Sabine ISD implementing seizure response training

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Sabine ISD hopes to become the first school district to completely implement new seizure response training throughout its schools.

The school district is doing so in response to House Bill 684 — Sam’s Law.

Sam’s Law is inspired by Samantha Watkins; a Kilgore ISD student who passed away in December 2016 after complications from a seizure.

The bill proposes free seizure recognition and seizure response training for teachers and staff at Texas public schools.

Samantha’s mother, Barbara Watkins, is a teacher at Sabine ISD. She approached her superintendent about implementing the training, and the two haven’t looked back since.

“What better school district then Sabine? They’ve been so supportive since Sam had her seizure," said Watkins.

Sabine ISD Superintendent, Stacey Bryce said he and all of the staff at throughout Sabine ISD are in favor of the training.

“We’re all about trying to help kids, no matter how we can,” said Bryce. “If the bill doesn’t pass, we will still implement the training here at Sabine ISD. We feel it is a really good cause. If there’s one student we can help, who is going through an experience like Samantha did, we want to be a part of that.”

As an employee of Sabine ISD, Watkins will be among the first to receive the seizure recognition and response training she has been pushing for since her daughter died.

“I’m looking forward to learning other signs and symptoms that I’m not aware of,” said Watkins. “A lot of times we don’t recognize signs and symptoms... It will help me better help the students.”

Watkins said the fact that herself and her coworkers will be knowledgeable and able to help other students would make her daughter proud.

“It means a lot to me because it helps me feel closer to Sam during the day,” said Watkins.

The district is hoping to have the training done in August before the new school year begins; they’re just waiting on details to be confirmed with the Epilepsy Foundation.

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