First Alert Weather Day for Saturday

First Alert Weather Day for Saturday

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV/KTRE) - A First Alert Weather Day has been issued for Saturday, April 6th. All of East Texas is included in a SLIGHT (15%) risk of seeing severe weather develop on Saturday due to a strong line of storms expected to move through our area starting late in the morning and lasting through the afternoon.

The Set Up:

Early Saturday morning a strong upper-level disturbance is expected to track over East Texas. Starting late on Friday, this disturbance will push eastward through portions of Central Texas, where an organized north-south line of strong to severe thunderstorms is likely to form. Once the line reaches East Texas, it is likely to strengthen as conditions will be better fitted for severe weather development. All forms of severe threats are to be expected as the strong line of storms moves through your area. We have been keeping an eye on Saturday since last weekend and not much has changed in the forecast other than our increased confidence of strong/severe storms in East Texas. If you have any plans outside for Saturday, it would be a very good idea to either move it indoors or postpone it for another day. This will be a very disruptive weather event.


As this will be a north-south line of storms, the line will push from west to east through the area. Current timing for the line of strong to severe storms to arrive looks to be in the late morning, around 10 AM, for our western counties, then around 12 PM for the Tyler, Jacksonville, Nacogdoches, Lufkin area. Eastern counties should expect the line of storms to arrive later into the afternoon, around a 1-3PM window. This is still a few days out so please continue to check in with the forecasts to come for a more accurate and updated timeframe.


The greatest threats with this severe weather event will be gusty damaging winds that could gust upwards of 60-70+ mph, and hail up to quarter/half dollar size. Localized flooding is possible in low lying, poor drainage areas as we could see 1.00-1.50 inches of rainfall in a short amount of time. The tornado threat is low but not at zero so an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. Remember: it doesn’t have to be a tornado to cause damage to yourself or your property. These threats are rated as severe for a reason!! Always stay away from windows during a severe threat.

As is typical with these organized lines of stronger storms, damaging gusty winds could knock out power as the storms roll through. Make sure to keep those phones charged just in case your power goes out and download the KLTV/KTRE First Alert Weather Apps. They are free and are a very important tool to stay updated on the weather and warnings near you. Stay safe and weather aware. We will continue to monitor this situation and update you if anything changes.

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