Bullard ISD stocks classrooms with ‘Go Buckets’ in case of lockdown

ETX school district creates emergency lockdown bucket

Bullard ISD stocks classrooms with ‘Go Buckets’ in case of lockdown

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Schools being placed on lockdown is all too common these days. Even here in East Texas, we’ve had a few just in the past week for various reasons.

Go Buckets To Help School Lockdowns

When a real emergency arrives, classrooms are often not prepared with extra resources.

One East Texas school district is helping its schools be better prepared for the situation.

John Jones, Director of School Safety, Bullard ISD, says, “We want to make sure Bullard is one of the safest public schools in East Texas.”

To prepare for a lockdown, Jones is arming Bullard ISD classrooms with supplies. It’s called a “Go Bucket”, and it’s packed full of emergency preparedness items.

“We wanted to give the students and staff the opportunity to have some supplies to take care of necessities, basic needs, during those events, which could last several hours,” explains Jones.

Protected and comfortable for what could be several uncertain hours.

We want to make sure that we see the threats as they’re coming at us. We want to address them before they get to us,” adds Jones.

School leaders say creating the “Go Buckets” is just another reminder of the reality school districts face.

This is one thing that we hope start eliminating their worry about. With the things we’re doing here at Bullard ISD, the safety measures we’re implementing,” says Jones.

Preparing Bullard schools for any emergency that might come their way.

Michele Warden, Bullard Middle School Nurse, says, “We always hope that it won’t happen, but you just never know."

Coty Johnson and Kylie McKeethan understand the need, but they are both saddened by the fact this is the reality.

You go to school just to get a basic education to ready you for life, and the fact that we have to do this, it’s pretty sad, but at the same time it’s pretty helpful,” explains Johnson.

I think it takes a lot of weight off of our shoulders as to worrying about if we’re going to be in danger or if we’re going to be stuck somewhere and we need to use the bathroom,” says McKeethan.

One hopes to never have to be in a lockdown situation, but if so, Bullard’s classrooms are ready.

My goal is to never have to use these “Go Buckets”. My goal is that they sit in the corner of the classroom and collect dust,” explains Jones.

Jones plans to arrange nearly 300 buckets, with the help of donations from area businesses. The buckets will include things like flashlights, batteries and toilet paper.

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