Mystery solved: Artist creates elaborate sidewalk art at Longview city park

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Updated: Apr. 2, 2019 at 10:11 AM CDT
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It began as a pretty nice piece of sidewalk chalk art at Lois Jackson Park in Longview done by an mystery artist. After some Facebooking and emails the mystery was solved.

The mystery artist is Lakey the Poet, and he hails from Austin, but he’s really Joshua Hinson and he went to school in Longview. Kim Casey with Keep Longview Beautiful tracked him down on Facebook.

“He has come back into town to visit with family, and a friend texted me yesterday and said hey you’ve got to check out Lois Jackson. And that’s all they put on the text. So I went to Lois Jackson real quick and got out of the car and just went oh my gosh. It was the most beautiful piece of chalk art I had ever seen,” Casey said.

She took a picture, posted it and Lakey contacted Kim.

“And we hooked up this morning and I just said, you know The Green is the park for Keep Longview Beautiful,” Casey stated.

And so Lakey the Poet decided to do a little chalk poetry on the sidewalks at that park. So why Lakey the Poet?

“I used to write poetry a lot and went through a spot I just really didn’t feel like using my words as much. So one day I was like I was going to draw the best picture I can, without knowing what I’m drawing, and that was basically how it started,” Lakey explained.

Then in 2015 he got mathematical.

“I started doing a whole lot more geometric work,” Lakey said.

He was into number and symbol systems which led him to the English alphabet.

“A super symmetrical language and that is what got me to start doing sidewalk chalk,” Lakey stated.

Artist uses body as compass to create art featuring perfect circles

He had just spent a week doing art at South by Southwest in Austin and it wasn’t out of his system so he chalked up Lois Jackson Park.

“It allows you to go ahead and do something out there in the public space,” Lakey commented.

That is temporary, and this time the public added to his art. Although Kim decided to try to make it stick.

“I’m going to try to get them clear coated before the rain comes in tomorrow,” Casey said.

And just how long has Lakey the Poet been spinning around as a human compass?

“Yeah, it’s pretty new. About a week,” Lakey revealed.

Well, that was the beginning, but there may not be an end to it.

Lakey says there are a few more geometric pieces out at Lois Jackson Park if you care to look for them.

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