Tyler company begins training explosive detecting K-9s

VIDEO: Tyler company begins training explosive detecting K-9s

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In a crisis situation, K-9 officers can be a priceless resource, and now an East Texas company is in the business of training them.

Training of K-9 explosive sniffing dogs at Texas College in Tyler is part of Bullock Security’s program to have valuable assets in East Texas.

“What we’ve done is we’ve decided to go into the K-9 detection services for explosives, firearms, and narcotics, and provide that as a service to the community.” said Jerry Cobb of Bullock Security.

Choko is one of two dogs trained to sniff out guns and explosives, and does it with no fear or hesitation.

“He is one of two dogs that I am the handler for. I have my narcotics dog and then Choko. He’s a great asset. All he wants to do every day is work,” said K-9 handler Nick Gaviria.

They alert their handler by hitting and setting on the target when they detect explosive components or gun powder.

“Instead of having a whole bomb squad cordon it out, we can have him go and verify that it is an explosive ordinance,” Gaviria said.

In past situations where explosive detecting dogs were needed, we had to wait hours for units from Dallas or Shreveport.

“It’s upwards of 5 to 10 thousand dollars for a bomb squad to come out for a false alarm,” Gaviria said.

“With the steady flow of drugs coming across the border, terrorist threats and everything, you can’t put a price on it,” said Lieutenant Scott Williams of Bullock Security.

However, just having them here, they say, will save time and lives.

“Increase the safety and security of children. our students of the public of businesses,” Cobb said.

Bullock Security currently has two working dogs and plans to add more in training.

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