Better East Texas: Is socialism really what we want?

BET: The Rise of Socialism

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Millennials and the Generation Y young Americans are growing up, and are very quickly becoming a force in the political landscape. Many of them are open to embracing “socialism” as structure for how the country is run.

Now, growing up as a Baby Boomer, we were always taught that socialism was more closely aligned with communism than capitalism, but it is obvious the two can have common components – to a point. But what is driving this movement and drastic change in these younger generations?

Well, certainly, there are aspects of socialism that are, on the surface, appealing to these groups – government provided healthcare, huge tax rates on top earners, and government funded tuition for college. But the impact of those economic conditions hardly seems understood by millennials and Gen-Y’ers. They want the benefits but don’t have a practical answer on how to get there.

Perhaps this mindset started years ago when, during their childhoods, millennials received participation ribbons and emphasis was minimized on competitive of the building blocks of capitalism. Slowly, the value systems emerged where everyone should be rewarded regardless of their contribution to the greater community. Everyone feels good and there are no declared winners or losers.

And now we have several national position candidates in Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are blatant in their goals of creating a much more socialist state in America. We’ll see how these ideals do at the voting booth, but it is obvious that priorities are changing.

Let’s hope that capitalism is preserved, and a competitive free market remains a true cornerstone in America.

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