Community kitchen fills void in East Texas

Community kitchen fills void in East Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A community-shared kitchen is filling a void in East Texas, from serving as a commissary for food trucks to offering shared work-space designed to give entrepreneurs the space they need to learn and grow.

“We’re able to help them concentrate and understand restaurant equipment before they even get into the restaurants,” owner Chef Kat Santos said.

The 5,400 square foot facility gives folks the opportunity to train in the food industry before ever getting a job.

“Ours is a non-traditional vocation training which helps adults and youth that do not have that much education to go forward into certification, but they want job skills training where they can immediately get a job and get to work,” Santos said.

They do that by getting hands-on experience in a kitchen using the same tools and equipment they’ll find in a working restaurant. Another void being filled by Food Worx is serving as a commissary for food trucks.

“A commissary is actually a facility where the mobile food trucks need to come and prepare their meals or need some of their preparation before they get on the truck,” Santos said.

With all that they do, Santos says they aim to better both the community and lives through the thing that connects us

“It’s satisfying to know that I’m helping in the community.”

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