Special graduation ceremony held for daughter of dying man

Special graduation ceremony held for daughter of dying man

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Christan Patterson will be graduating from Lindale High School in May. Sadly, her dad won’t be able to make it.

Mark Patterson has cancer and has been told he has days left to live.

When the doctor asked what Mark’s goal was?

“He broke down crying and said ‘I just want to see my baby graduate’,” said Darla Patterson, Christan’s mother.

Today, the community held a special graduation ceremony at the Hospice of East Texas so Mark could meet his goal.

“I know my dad is very caring and very loving and he thanks everyone that was a part of this,” said Christan. “I’m so glad he’s here with us right now.”

Christan and Darla both said they draw their strength from God throughout this time in their lives.

“I’m sitting here watching my husband die, but I smile because I know I’ll see him again," said Darla.

“If he passes, I will live my life to the fullest to God and to my dad’s will and just try to make him happy because my dad is my rock and even though I might break down once in a while," said Christan. "I know God has my back.”

Darla said her husband would have described the day with one word: amazing.

“That would have been his word because all these people that love our family stepped up.”

Christan will graduate on May 31 and has been accepted to 11 of the 12 colleges she’s applied to. Her mother said she will most likely attend Tyler Junior College or Kilgore College for a year, then complete her studies at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches.

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