‘It’s ice cold!’: Full beer fridge found during cleanup from Nebraska flood

‘It’s ice cold!’: Full beer fridge found during cleanup from Nebraska flood
FILE PHOTO - A refrigerator filled with ice cold Bud Light and Busch Light traveled miles down a flooded Nebraska river. It was found by a pair of thankful guys after a long day of cleaning up damage. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) (Source: Jacquelyn Martin)

BUTLER CO., NE (Gray News) - A pair of Nebraska guys finishing a hard day’s work cleaning up from the flood came upon a lucky find on their way back: a fridge filled with cold beer.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported Kyle Simpson, owner of the Lost Island Lodge, had gone Sunday to check the damage caused by weather and the flooding of the Platte River. He and his friend, Gayland Stouffer, were wearing chest waders and trekking the mile-long walk to the car when they made their discovery.

"He says, ‘Hey, this is a refrigerator,'" Simpson told the Journal Star. "And he opens it up and says, 'It’s full of beer.' I said, 'Yeah, right.'

"And he reaches in and says, 'It’s ice cold!'"

The refrigerator door stayed closed through its travels, protecting the Busch Light and Bud Light inside. The duo cracked a couple of cold ones, took some pictures and headed home.

Someone posted their story and photos to Facebook on the "Nebraska Through the Lens" page, where it's been shared and liked thousands of times.

"It was a gift sent from the heavens, and we were happy to see it," Simpsons told the newspaper.

They even found the owner. The Journal Star said Brian Healy saw the post and recognized it, as well as his family's Busch-to-Buds ratio.

The river had carried the refrigerator about 4 miles from the Healy summer cabin, which didn't survive the flood.

Healy spoke with Simpson, who promised to get the refrigerator back to him. Simpson said his lodge, built on stilts, had survived, although he had outbuildings with severe damage.

One Facebook commenter summed it up by paraphrasing a country song: "God is great, beer is good and this weather is crazy."

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