East Texan trades prison For MMA

Longview MMA Fighter Gets Redemption

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - At 15, Aaron Vickers took up MMA boxing, at that age our attention span expires quickly, his certainly did.

He’d leave the ring and training for a number of years leaving a contact sport, for new contacts.

“And then I just fell in with the wrong crowd and started partying, and lost my direction man. But I always had it in the back of my mind, always knew you know I want to get back into this. I wanna find my way back to it,” said Vickers.

He says he always knew he’d return to the ring but before he could lace them up again, he was forced to make a pit stop.

“Unfortunately, I actually ended up going to jail and that’s when I got some alone time, and got some time to think. You know,” said Vickers.

He’d be 20-years-old upon being released from jail. Funny while being behind bars, you get down time to decide how to push the re-set button of your life.

“Just sitting there everyday you know thinking, sitting on a bar bed thinking. Got addicted to Xanax really bad, I’ve always had anxiety issues, depression and stuff.

I was actually prescribed Xanax when I was younger and got just, got heavily addicted to it. And it escalated, started doing foolish things you know. You get so addicted to it you know, you’ll do anything for it," said Vickers.

An addiction that once was applied to being in the ring and away from distractions, ones that land you in cuffs and prison guards. But like the fighter in him, he came out of his corner and refused to let a life of drugs knock him out.

“Fortunately I got sober and got my way back to martial arts,” said Vickers.

He took his first pro fight on a two hour notice, and is thankful for his return to the ring, it certainly beats the alternative.

“Without this I’d be dead, I’d be in jail. It really saved my life

Vickers has kicked his old life, and moved on from yesterday.

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