Tree service companies staying busy after storm

Tree service companies staying busy after storm

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After Thursday morning’s storm took it’s toll on Kilgore’s trees, the companies who remove trees have been going non-stop.

“We’ve been extremely busy,” said Cristina Hernandez, owner of Express Lawn and Tree Services. “We just brought in our last load for today because it’s closing time. We’ve been extremely busy doing storm clean-up.”

The loads they’re bringing in are trees and brush and the location; the Longview compost site.

“Yesterday was busier than a normal Friday,” said Dave Wimberly, supervisor of the Longview compost site. “We took in 74 loads yesterday and we’ve taken in 115 today, which is extremely busy for a Saturday. A really busy Saturday would normally be around 90 loads; we’re seeing quite an increase today.”

The increase they’re seeing is mostly coming from one place.

“A good number of them are coming out of the Kilgore area,” said Wimberly. “We’ve had commercial haulers and some citizens that are doing ground work in Kilgore and bringing it in here. We’ve definitely been impacted by what happened in Kilgore.”

Hernandez says she’s looking on the bright side for her customers.

“The customers are very lucky,” said Hernandez. “Everyone has been very fortunate, it’s all most material. Material things, you can always buy them back again, but lives are another thing. They are blessed.”

Wimberly says the compost site will be closed on Sunday and Monday but will re-open for business at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning. “If anybody, anywhere -- including Kilgore -- needs us, we’re here.”

According to SWEPCO’s Outage Map, there are currently 65 customers still without power in the Kilgore area.

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