Hunt County sheriff warns about fake calls using name of personnel

Hunt County sheriff warns about fake calls using name of personnel
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HUNT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning about fake calls claiming to be law enforcement and demanding money.

Sheriff Randy Meeks said that some unknown callers called multiple residents Friday identifying themselves as a supervisor with the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and telling them they have a warrant for their arrest. The victim is then instructed to go to the Dollar Tree or other convenience store and put money on a card. The suspect will either stay on the phone the entire time or instruct the victim to call them back, Sheriff Meeks said.

This type of operation has targeted Hunt County residents in the past, but the difference this time is they have the name and rank of one of sheriff’s office supervisors in an attempt to make the call sound more official. The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office will not at any time attempt to collect money for a warrant over the phone, Meeks said. If at any time you question the validity of a call from the Sheriff’s Office you can contact the non-emergency number 903-453-6800 to verify the identity of the deputy calling and/or the nature of the call.

Sheriff Meeks stated: “This is very concerning because they have actual name and rank of our personnel. I ask everyone to remain vigilant and report any crimes of this nature”.

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