Roberson earns his roster spot

Roberson earns his roster spot

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Life for a walk on student athlete isn’t spectacular, it can be rough trying to catch the coach’s eye.

Such is the case for TVCC Cardinal guard Jarius Roberson, who had no guarantees when he arrived in Athens. Bottom of the totem pole he earned a scholarship by believing and determination. He has no regrets as the hard work pays off.

TVCC is headed to nationals in Hutchinson, Kansas and Roberson helped them get there.

“It was a lot coming in here. When I first came here coach Furr told me that I was going to be a walk on, just a practice player. I wasn’t gonna get no suit and I just told him I thank him for the opportunity. So I came here every day. I worked. I didn’t complain about anything. I didn’t even get to participate in five on five with the scholarship players. I wasn’t tripping, I just stayed The course. I want to thank my mom and dad for keeping me into it. There was so many times I’ve been in this program that I wanted to leave, I wanted to quit, but I stayed the course, I kept shooting it, kept shooting that rock. That’s what got me here” said Roberson.

“His energy is something different if it’s practice or if we’re going out to have fun going bowling or something. He’s just really an uplifting guy. He’s fun, he’s funny, but he can shoot the heck out of the ball man. I’ve never seen anybody shoot like that. I mean it’s just weird how he’ll come down court, just pull his three and makes it every single time. It’s really different. I’ve never seen anything like that. He’s really a great guy,”said TVCC forward, David Nickelberry.

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