Police continue search for man who assaulted woman in park

Police continue search for man who assaulted woman in park

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Police are continuing their search for a man who assaulted a woman in Tyler’s Rose Rudman Park on Thursday evening.

Just after 7:30 p.m., police received a call about a man attempting to sexually assault a woman in the park.

“As she was running, there was a black male sitting on a bench, and she noticed him as she ran past,” said Don Martin, public information officer for the Tyler Police Department. “She heard footsteps behind her, looked back and he was basically on top of her. He grabbed her at knifepoint and forced her off into the wooded area to the west of the trail.”

The woman described her attacker as a black male in his 30s. She said he was around six-feet tall and had a scruffy beard. At the time of the attack, he was wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.

The woman escaped the attack with only minor injuries.

Police are urging people to not run alone.

“We want everybody to think they can go anywhere and exercise in safety, but you still have to use good common sense,” said Martin. “Run with a partner so you have safety in numbers. If you don’t have someone to run with, try to run where other people are running.”

Martin said if you do or don’t run with others, you should take precautions to protect yourself, whether it be pepper spray, a whistle or something else. He also said to plan your run so you are finished before it starts getting dark.

Police are asking anyone with information on the identity or where-abouts of the man to contact them.

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