Neighbors rescue elderly man, woman trapped during storm

Neighbors rescue neighbors trapped during storm

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Downed trees trap 2 East Texas homeowners during Thursdays storm, and neighbors had to come to the rescue.

It happened on Layton Street in Kilgore just east of Florence Street.

After the power went off, neighbors began to check on one another's welfare.

At the height of the storm, there was a rumble and crash outside the home of Alice Crocker.

"I heard the hail and the wind was fiercely blowing, I heard the hail and a big crack," she said.

That crack was a huge tree at the corner of her home coming down. But she knew her home wasn’t hit. As 20 tons of lumber came down on her neighbors house, Crocker realizes her neighbor is in trouble. She’s trapped.

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“Both of our pine trees had fallen, one on the front side one on the back side and trapped her, and she was right in the middle. She’s in a triangle, cause there’s a tree on the back side, too,” Crocker says.

Two houses down, and elderly man was trapped as a tree split his home in half.

“If he’d been in the bedroom on the left of his house, he wouldn’t be with us. But he was in the bedroom on the right,” says neighbor Harry Smith.

They mobilized in the dark and began an effort to rescue their neighbors.

"We could talk to the woman, but we couldn't get to her. We found an open window and her son Brandon got there and went into the window and got her out," says Crocker.

But the elderly man was on a walker, and had to be assisted out.

"They found him when they went in there. He was hollering for help, but he was unharmed," Smith says.

Both homeowners had only minor cuts and bruises and were not seriously injured.

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