Director of utilities: Expect foul taste, smell of Tyler water to decrease ‘relatively fast’

Director of utilities: Expect foul taste, smell of Tyler water to decrease ‘relatively fast’

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The City of Tyler has announced the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant has come back online and the unusual taste and odor customers recently experienced should gradually decrease.

The city’s director of utilities, Dr. Jimmie Johnson, said now that all water treatment facilities are up and running again, it would only be a matter of time before the geosmine compound that impacted the water would be minimized once again.

“Geosmine, because it’s naturally occurring, is going to always be present. We treat for geosmine all year round" said Johnson. “But what this plant will do is provide a blending of water sources. So, in essence, it’s going to dilute the geosmine that people are experiencing in their water. They should be seeing improvements relatively fast.”

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According to the city, on Monday, Feb. 4, the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant was taken offline as part of ongoing construction to the plant, leaving the Lake Palestine Water Treatment plant the sole provider of treated water to the system. Typically, both water treatment plants operating at the same time automatically minimizes the amount of detectable Geosmin.

Geosmin is non-toxic and safe to consume. It typically produces an earthy odor and is naturally present in some foods such as beets, spinach and mushrooms.

Johnson said more filter water lines and pumps are expected to be added in Fall 2019, but he did not say whether customers should expect a similar result.

The city asks anyone who is still experiencing a “strong, ‘earthy’ taste and odor” to contact the Tyler Water Service Center at 903-531-1285.


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