Better East Texas: Randy Gregory suspension reflects greater issue with drugs

BET: Randy Gregory suspension

(KLTV/KTRE) - Some disturbing news recently, with the announcement that Dallas Cowboys rising star, Randy Gregory, was suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

We occasionally hear stories about football players failing drug tests which result in suspensions from play. But, in Randy Gregory’s case, this is the fourth such failure and suspension in just four years for the gifted defensive end. But let’s leave the field of play for a moment and focus on the person of Randy Gregory.

Gregory obviously has a problem with drug use – to the point that he succumbs to it instead of fighting to find a way to stay clean. His employer has the resources to help him stay clean, but still, Gregory is drawn into using drugs again and again.

This example, if there are no others, should show the power of drugs over people who should have every reason to stay sober and get permanent, lasting help. It is also a statement to family and friends in Gregory’s case, that someone needed to intervene to help him as a person. Now, here he is, at age 26, - he has been suspended more games than he has played – imagine that – suspended more time from work, than you have worked.

Perhaps the league, even the Cowboys, can do more for Randy Gregory, but the enemy is the impact drugs have on people and Randy Gregory is just the most recent in the NFL to become the prey of drug abuse. Gregory’s name may fade from the sports headlines, but his story is far from over. So, let’s hope he finds the true help to overcome the demons that ruined his life.

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