Storms down trees and damage cars in East Texas

Storms down trees and damage cars in East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A fast-moving storm swept across East Texas this morning, not making a huge impact in any one place, but leaving its share of damage along its path.

It started around 8:30 Saturday morning when calls began to come in of trees down in Camp County.

The small community of Newsome, west of Pittsburg, was hardest hit.

“Wow. I mean, you don’t know what to say. Just thankful everybody’s safe,” said one Newsome homeowner assessing the trees knocked down by the wind.

A huge tree was snapped and crashed down on top of two vehicles, one being totaled.

It was brief but the fast-moving storm carrying heavy winds toppled trees down everywhere including some still blocking a county road.

Near Pittsburg, a whole row of trees was toppled like dominoes.

40 miles away in Cass County, Douglassville residents say a funnel cloud was seen over open country.

Jake Jackson was home at the time in Newsome and says he didn't hear anything before the trees began crashing down.

"I was like what's happening, dang! Storms don't really bother me that much, I just went to sleep," Jake says.

There were no injuries and no homes were reported damaged.

There were no confirmed reports of any tornado formation during the storms.

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