18-wheeler that screams ‘I love Texas’ for sale in East Texas

An 18-wheeler that screams ‘I love Texas’ for sale in Palestine

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A unique 18-wheeler, once featured on TV, is on the market in East Texas.

The right person will find that it’s an 18-wheeler that has a simple, yet bold message:

“I love Texas!”

Ben Brownlow is selling an 18-wheeler you may already recognize. In 2007 we visited with Brownlow after he was chosen to appear on Country Music Television’s show, “Trick My Truck.”

Producers on the show painted the truck with the Texas flag, not only as an homage to the Lone Star State, but also to Brownlow’s late brother, Brady, who died in an oil rig explosion in Louisiana.

Brownlow says the decision to sell the truck now has been difficult, but he feels it is time to let it go.

“It’s been a hard decision, but one I’m good with, that I’ve made to move on in my career as truck driver and business owner. I think its time for someone else to enjoy the Heart of Texas,” he said.

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