Amy Jeffries building table for Angelina County Fair

Jeffries to create first ‘ag-mech’ entry for fair

Amy Jeffries building table for Angelina County Fair
Amy Jeffries kneels beside the lumber that she will make into a “Resin River” table that will compete at the Angelina County Fair, April 16-20.

As the only female in her welding class at Central High, Amy Jeffries is going to build a table for the County Fair. A large table, capable of seating up to 8 and it will be a “Resin River” style table. If you are not familiar with that style, you can find plenty of examples on in-style websites.

Amy is the daughter of Steven and Martha Jeffries and is a Junior at Central High School. She has one older brother, Allen, who graduated a couple years ago that was also involved in the County Fair.

She says the best part of competing in the Fair is the adrenaline rush that she gets at the show. “It’s like you are frozen in time. You know exactly what to do. If something goes wrong, I know how to correct it before it becomes a real problem.”

Her best project has been pigs over the years, but in 2015, just after the show, they had their barn burn down. If it had been a week earlier, they would have lost all livestock headed to the show. Since then, they have rebuilt (out of concrete and steel) and have continued their competition at the Fair.

While this is Jeffries first “ag-mech” entry, she is no stranger to competing in the Fair. Starting in 3rd grade with meat goats, then adding market hogs to the list when she was in 6th grade, she is stretching herself again by building an ag-mechanics entry as well as raising a pen of broilers and baking a pumpkin-roll for the Family & Consumer Sciences division.

She had seen a few pictures of the resin and wood tables and thought it would be a great item to compete with. Her family harvested a large pine tree from their property and a family friend with a sawmill cut out several pieces of lumber that were 2 inches thick, 15 inches wide and 10 feet long.

From these large slabs, Jeffries says they got 15 to 25 other pieces of lumber that will be cut down further to make a table that is 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. A table big enough to comfortably seat 6-8.

The legs of the table will be made of steel. They will be welded with help from her boyfriend, Justan Vaughan.

If you are looking for such a table, you are in luck, as Jeffries hopes to sell it in the auction. When asked about what she’ll do with the proceeds, she said, “I’m excited about some of the other designs that I’ve seen and want to make another table for the family friend with the lumber mill.”

In addition to her involvement in Central FFA she is also a member of Central High’s power-lifting team.

To see this table and other projects at the Angelina County Fair, drop by the George H. Henderson Expo Center on Thursday afternoon on April 18 or anytime on Friday, April 19 and see what area students have made.

For detailed information about this year’s Angelina County Fair, go to

Cary Sims is the County Extension Agent for agriculture and natural resources for Angelina County. His email address is