Legislators honor Longview Lobos in Austin

Legislators honor Longview Lobos in Austin

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Longview Lobos football team was honored in Austin today for winning the state 6-A, division 2 title game against Beaumont-Westbrook. The win completed an undefeated season and brought home the first state title since 1937.

A famous alumni made an appearance as well.

The buses loaded up and left Longview early Wednesday morning as the football team made their way to Austin.

A House Resolution by State Representative Jay Dean was read on the floor.

“H-R 357 by Dean. congratulating the Longview High School football team on wining the 2018 U.I.L. 6-A division 2 state championship,” an aid read.

Alumni Matthew McConaughey was on hand and joined in recognizing the team.

“Please join me in welcoming the Longview Lobos to your state capitol. Members, if a team in your district did not get the chance to play the Lobos, you need to consider yourself lucky,” Dean said.

As coach John King and team members were introduced, Dean described the Lobos as a group of rare abilities and grit who quietly rolled through the regular season and then powered their way through the playoffs.

“Longview Lobos stand up and show yourselves. They’re here today because this group of young men after 81 years brought the state championship back to Longview, Texas,” Dean said.

The team also had private visits with Governor Greg Abbott, who lived in Longview during his childhood.

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