Smith County runners excited for new 4.2 mile hike, bike trail set to open in spring

Smith County runners excited for new 4.2 mile hike and bike trail, opening this Spring

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Calling all outdoor enthusiasts; it’s about your time to shine, because the Legacy bike and hike trail will officially be open this spring.

The eastern portion of the new trail will begin on Old Jacksonville Highway, south of Grande Boulevard and runs south past Dueling Oaks drive to Cumberland. The western portion will come to a head at Three Lakes Parkway on Old Jacksonville and end in Gresham past Toll 49.

“It’s nice to be able to run in nature but in a safe place where you can go out and do it and be able to know where you’re going,” runner Sara Gomer says.

While running across a busy street may be safer when in a large group like this, Broadway Avenue is still not an ideal track.

“It’s harder to run continuously without something stopping you, like a traffic light,” Gomer says.

Smith County is filled with running enthusiasts and very soon, they will have an outlet to run free.

“Just as a runner, I do like to be outside, not just running up and down a street. I like that serene, getting away from everything, so if there is another trail that gets you away from the road like that, a lot of people will take advantage of that," runner Megan Bomba says.

Fortunately, in just a couple of months, the four and a half mile long Legacy trail will be open for business, with 10-foot-wide concrete trails with portions running on the eastern and western sides of Old Jacksonville Highway.

“I’ve been running on it since it was being developed, even when it was a dirt trail, and I’ve watched the development of it from the very beginning of it and it’s really exciting to see it completed,” runner Collin Hext says.

The contractor in charge of the $4,600,000 project says the sidewalks are finished, and all that’s left is the landscaping.

There is a parking lot available at the beginning of the trail near Fresh by Brookshire’s so people can access the trails by car.

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